Refresher Driving Courses

Refresher Driving Courses

As well as quality driving lessons in Coventry for new drivers, here at Drive Coventry, we provide great refresher driving courses for all drivers new and old. Whether you have been out of the game for a while and need a little refinement before getting back on the road, or have been in an accident and need your confidence picking up, we have the solutions and the excellent driving instructors to get you back on the road with tailored refresher driving courses.

We will ensure that your refresher driving course suits your needs by giving you an initial consultation before you start. We won’t waste your time throughout the course going over things you don’t need to. For instance, if you have had an accident and need to gain confidence, we will help you in the areas where you feel weakest, for instance on faster dual carriageways where you feel most uncomfortable.

Your course can be spread across a few days or weeks. You can also simply just have a one hour refresher lesson if that’s all you need. Whether it’s 1 or 10 hours, we have the time, patience and skills to help.

Samantha took her refresher driving lessons in Northampton after passing her test and not getting a car until two years later, here’s what she said: “I passed my test back in 2012, but because I was at uni in London, I didn’t need to have a car. After I finished uni, I went to get in my car and I had basically forgotten everything, I was too scared to start the engine! I called Drive and sorted myself out with a refresher course. My instructor was so nice, he made me feel really comfortable and I only needed 3 hours before I was feeling confident again. In the last hour I drove my car with the instructor and he made me feel so at ease and reminded me of all the little things. Im so glad I took the course, I highly recommend it, I feel much safer now!!”

For more information on refresher driving courses, give us a call on 0800 458 1226 or contact us via email with any questions. Alternatively, we also provide pass plus courses. Click here for more information!

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