UK Driverless Cars

UK Driverless Cars

Amongst other areas such as Milton Keynes, driverless cars are coming to Coventry! The UK is being put at the forefront of automatic vehicle technology, where trials are set to take place to test the different elements of self-driving tech.

Semi-autonomous vehicles that drive independently whilst there is a human driver behind the wheel will be used in this trial, as well as lighter weight cars which are designed for public shuttle services. May 2015 should see this come into light around areas across Coventry.

These trials will give us a deeper understanding of how road users and wider society are affected by transport; as well as opening up new opportunities for society and the economy. The trials on Coventry will be used to gauge car-to-car and car-to-road communication.

The minister for transport said ‘driverless cars have the potential to change the UK’s transport network – improving safety, reducing congestion and lowering emissions.’

Being on the road this year will be made safer and so what better time to kickstart your driving lessons in Coventry! Give us a call on 0800 458 1226 and we’ll help you on your way!

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