Driving Tips for New Drivers

Driving Tips for New Drivers

Unfortunately, for new drivers, it isn’t as easy as getting into your car and driving off into the sunset. Certain precautions need to be taken and not just for your safety, but your families and any passengers that you happen to be taking with you. When you first pass your driving test, it’s easy to think that the world is at your feet, but it can quickly be taken away with some idiotic driving.

You can use these driving tips for your driving lessons in London or wherever you happen to be taking your driving lessons. Many new drivers prefer not to drive in busy cities such as London and decide to take their driving lessons in Bromley to escape the dangerous and let’s face it, busy traffic.

These are just a few tips that you can use:

  • Take a Pass Plus Course
  • Get to Know Your Car
  • Check Your Blind Spots
  • Stay Out of Others Blind Spots
  • Use the Left Lane on the Motorway
  • Forget About Offering Lifts

1. Take a Pass Plus Course

It’s only when you pass your driving test that you really start to learn how to drive. Most driving instructors, with all of the best will in the world will teach you how to handle the car and keep it under control in perfect weather conditions and silent roads where possible. It’s certainly worth looking into a Pass Plus course after your test. Not only will it make you a better driver by showing you how to drive in busy towns and poor weather conditions but you will probably get cheaper car insurance as a result.

2. Get to Know Your Car

When you first get your lovely new car, it’s worth spending some time in it and getting to understand what each control, button and switch does. Try to identify the areas of the car that you will most likely use on a regular basis. Find the demisting control, heated windscreen, bonnet prop and take a read through the vehicle handbook. You never know, it could all come in handy one day and there is some pretty useful information in there.

3. Check Your Blond Spots

Now if you are driving in London or a different large city, your blind spots are going to keep you sane. Unfortunately, drivers cut across lanes in all sorts of directions in larger cities and it is easy to get involved in an accident that wasn’t necessarily your fault. Whenever you are preparing to change lanes, make sure that you check your blind spot and double check before you make your move. The last thing you need is to scratch the side of someone else’s car in a major city.

4. Stay Out of Others Blind Spots

Just as we mentioned above, make sure that you keep your whits about you and you are always aware of what is around you. Large cities can be hard to navigate through, especially when the roads are full. If you live in the London area I would recommend taking your driving lessons in Bromley or one of the towns on the outskirts of the city – at least until you’re a little more confident.

5. Use the Left Lane on the Motorway

If you have just passed your driving test, when you come to driving on the motorway for the first time, don’t be tempted to thrash it down the outside lane. That will simply end in a fine and a few points on your shiny new licence. Not good. In the left hand lane, you will not hold up any traffic, allowing it to pass as it needs to. This way you can have a calm and pleasant journey to your destination.

6. Forget About Offering Lifts

Unfortunately, MP’s have proven that young drivers are easily influenced by their friends when they are behind the wheel. It seems stupid really, as I know for a fact that I wouldn’t want to distract my friend whilst driving. However, it does happen, and serious accidents happen because of it. If you feel that your style of driving changes around friends, simply do not offer a lift and get a lift from someone else.

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